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Literature - EC: L.F.2.3.4

Literature - EC: L.F.2.3.4

Continuum of Activities

Continuum of Activities

The list below represents a continuum of activities: resources categorized by Standard/Eligible Content that teachers may use to move students toward proficiency. Using LEA curriculum and available materials and resources, teachers can customize the activity statements/questions for classroom use.

This continuum of activities offers:

  • Instructional activities designed to be integrated into planned lessons
  • Questions/activities that grow in complexity
  • Opportunities for differentiation for each student’s level of performance

Grade Levels


Course, Subject

English Language Arts, Literature


  1. Identify the major themes of a narrative.

  2. Identify whether these themes are specific to a text, historical period, genre or are universal.

  3. Interpret how a theme is developed over the course of a narrative by interpreting at least three specific scenes.

  4. Explain how a theme is used by an author to develop a character, conflict or setting.

  5. Develop an argument whether or not the theme in a given text can be used to explore a contemporary issue.

  6. Draw a conclusion about the author’s intended purpose of a text given the themes that are developed.

Answer Key/Rubric

  1. Students correctly identify and discuss themes through close reading of a text.

  2. Students are able to make initial evaluations about whether or not these themes are universal or specific to a given time period, text or genre.

  3. Students explore how a theme is developed over the course of a narrative by interpreting at least three specific scenes in which the theme is developed.

  4. Students are able to draw connections between the development of a theme and its relationship to a character, conflict or setting.

  5. Students make connections between the text and their world by comparing a theme from a text to the contemporary world in which they live.

  6. Students draw a connection between a theme in a text and the author’s intended purpose.

Suggested Rubric:  This rubric may be used to assess a student’s overall mastery of the standard or eligible content.

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