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Created by Pennsylvania educators, Pennsylvania Learns Online is a collection of PK-12 modules in English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science. Aligned to PA Academic Standards, these modules are comprised of a series of mini-lessons to engage learners through interaction with online resources to meet lesson objectives.

The on-demand, ala carte content in the modules and mini-lesson may be used by educators to supplement daily instruction, provide remediation for students who are struggling to understand a concept, or simply reinforce and review course content. Alternately students and parents can access the resources independently to use them to support classroom learning, thus empowering families to take an active role in the educational process.

Resources in Pennsylvania Learns were chosen based upon multiple criteria:

  • Align to the content and rigor of the standards
  • Reflect the breadth of the curriculum as included in the PA Instructional Frameworks
  • Meet needs for both students and educators
  • Allow for various learning mediums (e.g., video, podcast, document)

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