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Literature - EC: L.F.2.2.1

Literature - EC: L.F.2.2.1

Continuum of Activities

Continuum of Activities

The list below represents a continuum of activities: resources categorized by Standard/Eligible Content that teachers may use to move students toward proficiency. Using LEA curriculum and available materials and resources, teachers can customize the activity statements/questions for classroom use.

This continuum of activities offers:

  • Instructional activities designed to be integrated into planned lessons
  • Questions/activities that grow in complexity
  • Opportunities for differentiation for each student’s level of performance

Grade Levels


Course, Subject

English Language Arts, Literature


  1. Identify the literary form of a given text.

  2. Recall at least three specific characteristics of that particular form.

  3. Re-read the text and identify at least three instances in which you see evidence of that literary form.

  4. Summarize the detail, event or scene of the text that illustrates the characteristic of the literary form.

  5. Draw a conclusion about how the literary form influences, emphasizes or alters the detail of the text.

  6. Draw a hypothesis about why the author chose to use this particular literary form for this text.

Answer Key/Rubric

  1. Students can correctly identify a particular literary form when present in a text.

  2. Students can correctly recall at least three of the most important characteristics, details or aspects of that literary form.

  3. Students are able to recognize details in the text that illustrate the characteristics of the literary form.

  4. Students demonstrate understanding of the text independent from the literary form.

  5. Students are able to draw conclusions about how the characteristic of the literary form influences the text’s meaning.

  6. Students are able draw a hypothesis about why the author chose to employ this literary form for a particular narrative.

Suggested Rubric:  This rubric may be used to assess a student’s overall mastery of the standard or eligible content.

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