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Grade 03 ELA - EC: E03.B-K.1.1.1

Grade 03 ELA - EC: E03.B-K.1.1.1

Continuum of Activities

Continuum of Activities

The list below represents a continuum of activities: resources categorized by Standard/Eligible Content that teachers may use to move students toward proficiency. Using LEA curriculum and available materials and resources, teachers can customize the activity statements/questions for classroom use.

This continuum of activities offers:

  • Instructional activities designed to be integrated into planned lessons
  • Questions/activities that grow in complexity
  • Opportunities for differentiation for each student’s level of performance


  1. What is the setting of the story?
  1. List the evidence from the story that shows the setting.
  1. Why is this a good title for the story?
  1. Which of the given questions is answered in the first paragraph?
  1. Explain how the setting of the story is related to the events that take place. Choose another setting for the story. Explain how this change would affect the events that took place.

Answer Key/Rubric

  1. Students will use evidence from the story to determine where and/or when the story takes place.
  1. Students will identify the information that tells where and/or when the story takes place.
  1. Students will show a connection between the story’s title and an event that took place in the story.
  1. Students will refer to the first paragraph to determine which of the given questions is answered. They will locate the evidence to support the answer.
  1. Students will describe events in the story that could only happen in that particular time or place. Students will choose another location for the story to take place. They will list the events that would change due to the new setting and will tell what new events might occur as a result.
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