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PBS Special: Finding Your Roots – A National Virtual Conversation


Join the special “Finding Your Roots” national virtual conversation event on Wednesday, February 8 at 8pm about Genealogy & The Next Generation, presented by PBS station WETA.

Genealogy is a team effort, and each family tree is incredibly unique. This conversation will center on how important it is to speak with older generations, and work with younger generations, to record and preserve family history.

This will be an intergenerational conversation about family trees and the diverse ways they came to be. Panelists will include Naima Blanco-Norberg, a sophomore at Yale University studying architecture who is uncovering her family history and sharing her experience; critically-acclaimed interdisciplinary artist, Thomas Allen Harris, who explores family, identity, and spirituality in a participatory practice, and is the creator of Family Pictures Institute for Inclusive Storytelling; and Akosua E. Moore, Lead Genealogist on Finding Your Roots.

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