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Understanding The State of the State/Nation/Region: NOAA Environmental Literacy Tool Survey


The Environmental Literacy Indicator Tool (ELIT) is a federally directed effort to collect information from all public school districts in the Mid-Atlantic region every two years to monitor the status of environmental literacy efforts at a district level. The results from these data help the Chesapeake Bay Program Education Workgroup most effectively support local efforts to implement strategies that support students’ environmental literacy. 

  • We request that you – or the appropriate district staff-person – complete the Environmental Literacy Indicator Tool (ELIT) by September 30, 2022, to provide important information about activities related to district-wide environmental literacy curriculum and planning activities in your state.
  • Who should complete the ELIT for your district?Only one person per district should complete the ELIT. The best respondent is someone who works at the district-level and has most familiarity with environmental education activities across the district. If your district does not have a position similar to an environmental education coordinator, consider a science curriculum coordinator or similar role. Teachers or individuals familiar with just one school or grade-range would have difficulty completing these questions. 
  • Follow this link to the ELIT questionnaire: ELIT 2022. The ELIT takes an average of about 60 minutes to complete, which includes the time to obtain needed information about district-wide activities. To review the questions ahead of time to help you find the information or identify the right staff person to complete the survey, click here
  • If your district has previously completed the ELIT, you can look up and view past answers here: Referencing your past surveys may help you update any information that has changed since 2019 or 2017.
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