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State Board Approves New Standards


Published on July 16, 2022, the State Board approved standards for Integrated Standards for K-12 Science, Environment, Ecology, Technology and Engineering.  Published in the Pa Bulletin as, Effective July 1, 2025, the K-5 standards (See Appendix B-1) are designed to “guide the elementary-level study of the natural and human-made world through inquiry, problem-solving, critical thinking and authentic exploration. The integration of these disciplines in the elementary grades highlights the interconnectedness of scientific study and the integral relationship between humans and the environment.” 

Key areas of emphasis through Grade 12 in each of the disciplines include the following:

  • Environment and ecology. Understanding the components of ecological systems and their interrelationships with social systems and technologies. These components incorporate the disciplines of resource management, agricultural diversity, government and the impact of human actions on natural systems. This interaction leads to the study of watersheds, threatened and endangered species, pest management and the development of laws and regulations.
  • Pennsylvania Integrated Standards for Science, Environment and Ecology (Grades 6—12). Utilize a three-dimensional approach to guide the study of physical sciences, life sciences, and earth and space sciences at the middle and high school levels. The standards highlight the critical intersections of these disciplines with environmental science, ecology, and agriculture. These three-dimensional standards integrate disciplinary core ideas, practices in science and engineering, and crosscutting concepts into coherent learning progressions across the grade bands.
  • Pennsylvania Technology and Engineering Standards (Grades 6—12). Define the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for establishing literacy in technology and engineering literacy. Students develop a practical understanding of how humans are influenced by science and technology. Four core disciplinary standards describe practices in technology and engineering and include specific benchmarks for students in grade bands 6—8 and 9—12.

PDE is committed to providing professional development and a multitude of supports, including a multi-faceted implementation plan, a curriculum framework, and a resource hub.  

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