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Safety Citizens Program


PennDOT’s Safety Citizens Program encourages community members to answer traffic safety questions in original and creative ways, and has been updated for 2022 with new topics, as well as kids’ activities. Staff, teachers, students and families are invited to participate!

Throughout the year, PennDOT will post information and ask a question about different topics challenging our Safety Citizens to come up with creative ways to answer safety questions. PennDOT seeks sound safety advice presented in creative, original ways. No answer is too obvious, and no artwork is too simple to be considered.  Submissions could include a short video, poem, drawing, or any type of original artwork.

The program is open to Safety Citizens of all ages and can be done by individuals, classes, clubs, or other groups. The focus of the program is to encourage friends, family, neighbors, and even ourselves to practice safe driving behaviors whether by vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, or on foot.  With each topic, PennDOT will choose submissions that meet that mission to be featured on our statewide social media pages, such as FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

The first topic for 2022 is Drowsy Driving. Participants are asked to submit a response to the question “What do you think are the best ways to avoid drowsy driving?” The kids’ challenge for the topic is to draw a picture of other ways to travel if someone is too tired to drive. Submissions are due by Monday, February 28.

Program details, deadlines, and instructions regarding how to submit videos and artwork can be found online at or questions can be emailed to Find information on future topics, which include bicycle and motorcycle safety, commercial vehicle safety, seat belt and child passenger safety, and impaired driving.

We hope your school accepts this exciting challenge! We look forward to seeing what your students create as they become Safety Citizens!

Questions?  Contact John Kashatus (

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