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“Family Night: Space!” Featured on PBS November 4th


Let’s explore space together! “Family Night: Space” is a one-hour TV program designed for kindergarten through 5th grade students and their families. Viewers will:

  • hear from a Space Suit Engineer who is designing the next generation space suit; a Research Space Scientist who helps train astronauts for the Moon and Mars using areas on Earth that look like those destinations; a Scientist who specializes in Odor Testing; and more people who work in fields associated with space!
  • learn about working together to solve problems.
  • get a chance to put their aerospace skills to work in fun, hands-on activities - no computer required (paper, a pencil, aluminum foil, and tape would be useful).

Check your local Pennsylvania PBS station, or watch it live online if you have an internet connection.  Air times: 6:00pm on WPSU; 7:00pm on WHYY, WITF, PBS39, WQED, WQLN, WVIA

You can further explore space with these station links:

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