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Explore Engineering Together with Family Night: Engineering on May 13!


Family Night: Engineering is a one-hour TV special about the field of engineering. While spending quality time together, families will learn what skills are needed to be a successful engineer in today’s world. They’ll meet engineers who have solved real-world problems, and who have built amazing attractions like rollercoasters! During the program, kids will put their engineering skills to the test through fun, hands-on activities. Plus, families won’t need to purchase special tools or supplies ... everything they’ll need can be found right in their homes!

Designed for kindergarten through fifth grade and their families, Pennsylvania PBS, with the Pennsylvania Department of Education, will air Family Night: Engineering on May 13 on local PBS stations across the Commonwealth. No computer or special supplies are needed (just have some paper on hand)!

 In addition to the TV broadcast, Family Night: Engineering will be supported by web resources for home and school use to extend learning, including templates for school districts to utilize the program for Career Readiness activities and artifacts.

Family Night: Engineering also takes place during Remake Learning Days in Pennsylvania, so this is another opportunity for your students to learn and add to their career-readiness portfolio!

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