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Supporting Students With the Most Significant Cognitive Disabilities: Essentialized Examples


The Bureau of Special Education is pleased to make available on SAS a new resource developed by teachers for teachers supporting students with the most significant cognitive disabilities: Essentialized Examples. 

 Essentialized Examples Design and Purpose

  • Based on the Alternate Eligible Content, a reduced depth and breadth of the PA Core standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics and the Academic Standards in Science. 
  • Created by PA content experts and special educators, they illustrate concrete examples of content reduced in complexity yet aligned to the standard.
  • Provide reproducible examples of a variety of ways to understand and deliver content at multiple levels of reduced complexity for students with varying needs – in an inclusive classroom or special education setting. Not intended to be lessons but to be incorporated into instruction.

All Essentialized Examples are available in the SAS Materials and Resources Content Collection.   They also populate when searching by specific standard.

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