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SAS PD Center Act 48 Opportunity: Sharpen Your eLearning Skills


Whether you are currently engaged in fully remote, hybrid, or face-to-face instruction, the SAS PD Center recently added three Act 48 eLearning courses to strengthen your eLearning skills. 

Each 5-hour course focuses on a different aspect of eLearning:  creating a sense of community, communicating effectively to encourage online participation, and tools/technology freely available to support eLearning.

Registered users can access the SAS PD Center via the SAS Tools in the upper right hand corner of the SAS homepage.

SAS PD Center

Act 48 eLearning Courses



Act 48

Cultivating an eLearning Community

Participants will explore how to create a sense of community in an eLearning environment, as well as ways to empower, motivate, and engage all students online.

This module includes strategies to foster self-efficacy in the eLearning environment and explores ways to address and/or accommodate the social-emotional learning needs of students in the online learning community.

5 hours

Teaching and Communicating in the eLearning Environment


Participants will discover how to communicate effectively in the eLearning environment, with an emphasis on ways to encourage online participation among students as well as interfacing with parents/caregivers.

This module also examines how to choose between and implement synchronous and asynchronous sessions, and how to implement feedback protocols among teachers and students.

5 hours

Technologies and Tools to Promote a Successful eLearning Environment


Participants will explore equitable access, the role of accessibility, and what tools/technology are freely available to support eLearning. This module emphasizes open source software/tools; the role of an LMS in an eLearning environment; the role accessibility plays in eLearning; equitable access to materials for students; and eLearning tools, technology, and tips for successful eLearning experiences.

This module is best suited for teachers of all grades and subjects who are teaching or planning on teaching in an eLearning environment.

5 hours

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