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PA Core English Language Arts (ELA) Standards Series


The PA Core Standards were adopted March 1, 2014, by the PA State Board of Education. The standards give us the what, but we must understand the why and provide the how. Although the standards are not a curriculum or a prescribed series of activities, school entities use them to develop local school curriculum to meet students’ needs. The PA Core Standards should be at the forefront of every ELA lesson.

Read and respond to the following questions:

  • Do our written curriculum documents reference the PA Core Standards?
  • Do our lesson plans list the PA Core Standards relevant to that specific lesson?
  • When we discuss standards, do we use the PA Core Standard language and coding?

 Over the course of the next few months, join the ELA CAI Community as we continue the discussion around the standards. It is time to take a fresh look at the PA Core ELA Standards!

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