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Now more than ever is the time for your school to sponsor a Technology Student Association (TSA) chapter! Whether you are teaching in-school or virtually as the 2020-2021 school year gets underway, TSA has many ways to motivate and engage students. New this year, chapter members will have access to a password-protected site where technology-based resources appear through video presentations, webinars, virtual field trips, podcasts, and interactive modules. Also, through participation in middle and high school competitions, members will learn about 21st century leadership skills. TSA recognizes that this school year is unlike any other. With all that TSA has to offer, affiliate a new or returning TSA chapter and be connected during this challenging time. Get your chapter started today!

For more information or assistance in opening a TSA chapter in your school, contact Brandt Hutzel, PDE’s Technology and Engineering Education Content Advisor at

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