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Environmental Literacy Indicator Survey Needs You!


The Environmental Literacy Indicator Tool is a federally directed effort to survey all public school districts, charter, and private schools in the Mid-Atlantic region every two years in order to monitor the status of environmental literacy efforts at a district level. The collected data will help the Chesapeake Bay Program Education Workgroup support local efforts to implement strategies to support students’ environmental literacy.

Please share this survey request with the appropriate district staff-person who can complete the voluntary Environmental Literacy Indicator Tool (ELIT) survey.   Due date for completion is October 15. Only one person per district should complete the ELIT: the best respondent is someone who works at the district-level and has the most familiarity with environmental education activities across the district. If your entity does not have a position similar to an environmental education coordinator, consider a science curriculum coordinator or similar role.


Questions?  Contact Tamara Peffer at or  (717) 772-0842.

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