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Computing and Problem Solving with Negative Numbers


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Students will learn how to compare and order negative numbers (integer and rational). They will:

  • understand the relationship between an integer and its additive inverse.
  • develop models and computational strategies for computing with negative numbers and solve problems in contexts that involve negative numbers.
  • extend understanding of operations and their properties for all rational numbers, including negative integers.
  • explain why the rules for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing with negative numbers make sense.

Essential Questions

  • How is mathematics used to quantify, compare, represent, and model numbers?
  • How can mathematics support effective communication?
  • How are relationships represented mathematically?
  • How can expressions, equations and inequalities be used to quantify, solve, model, and/or analyze mathematical situations?
  • What makes a tool and/or strategy appropriate for a given task?

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