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Classifying Polynomials


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[IS.3 - All Students]

This lesson connects previous experience and knowledge of linear and quadratic functions to the concept of polynomial functions. Students will:

  • classify polynomials by their degree. [IS.4 - Struggling Learners]

  • write polynomials in standard form. [IS.5 - All Students]

  • determine the number of roots a polynomial has by looking at the equation. [IS.6 - Struggling Learners]

Essential Questions

  • How can we determine if a real-world situation should be represented as a quadratic, polynomial, or exponential function?

  • How do you explain the benefits of multiple methods of representing polynomial functions (tables, graphs, equations, and contextual situations)?


  • Polynomial: An algebraic expression that contains one or more monomials. [IS.1 - Struggling Learners]  [IS.2 - Struggling Learners]

  • Binomial: A polynomial with two terms.

  • Degree of Polynomial:The greatest exponent of the variables in the expression; for 7x2 + 5x + 8, the degree is 2.

  • Monomial:A single term, such as x, y3, or 17.

  • Standard Form: For a rational integral polynomial equation of degree n, a0xn + a1xn-1 + … + an = 0.

  • Trinomial: A polynomial with three terms.

  • Coefficient: The numerical or constant multiplier of the variables in an algebraic term.


120–180 minutes [IS.7 - All Students]

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