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In this lesson, students will understand how to use the scientific method to find answers to questions. Students will:

  • understand how an inventor uses a question to solve a problem.
  • investigate how to make bubbles with household items.
  • identify different steps of the scientific method that help solve a problem.

Essential Questions

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  • Invention: To think of and make something that has never been made before by anyone.
  • Inventor: One who invents.
  • Observation: The act or an instance of perceiving the environment through one of the senses.
  • Investigate: To look at closely so as to get information and learn the facts.
  • Scientific Method: The process by which scientists try to construct an accurate representation of the world.


40-60 minutes/1–2 class periods

Prerequisite Skills

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o   slotted spoon

o   a polystyrene cup

o   pipe cleaners

o   straws

o   string

o   berry baskets

o   clean fly swatter

o   plastic rings from six packs of soda

  • Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum by Lisa Wheeler. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2004.
  • Bubble, Bubble by Mercer Mayer. School Specialty Publishing, 2003.

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