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Early Warning System

The Educator Dashboard Early Warning System (EWS) is a free, voluntary tool available to all commonwealth LEAs. Building upon existing data, the EWS provides a lens through which schools are able to

  • Identify students at risk of dropping out
  • Build a library of district-specific interventions
  • Increase community partnerships and support schools
  • Set goals for student achievement
  • Improve student success rates

The Intervention Catalog is a customizable tool that contains district-specific interventions. This catalog enables LEAs to increase community partnerships and provides a quick reference tool for student assistance teams.

Below are some introductory power points that provide basic technical, navigation, and development procedures.

To access more information about the Educator Dashboard EWS, please join the SAS Early Warning System Professional Learning Community and access additional training documents under the Content Repository tab.

To access more information about EWS, click here.

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