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Classifying Figures on the Coordinate Plane


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This lesson helps students explore various two-dimensional figures by plotting their vertices on the coordinate plane in the first quadrant. Students will:

  • graph polygons and learn the names.
  • explore the relationship between different kinds of polygons (quadrilaterals, parallelograms, rectangles, and squares).

Essential Questions

  • How are spatial relationships, including shape and dimension, used to draw, construct, model, and represent real situations or solve problems?
  • How can geometric properties and theorems be used to describe, model, and analyze situations?
  • How can the application of the attributes of geometric shapes support mathematical reasoning and problem solving?


  • Coordinate Plane: Formed by the intersection of two number lines (called axes) that meet at right angles at their zero points. Used to locate points in the plane or in space by means of two numbers that represent the distance the point is from the horizontal axis and the vertical axis.
  • Origin: The point at which the number lines of a coordinate plane intersect. As an ordered pair, the point (0, 0).
  • x-Axis: The horizontal number line of a coordinate plane. Used to show horizontal distance.
  • x-Coordinate: The first number in an ordered pair, it designates the distance a point is along the horizontal axis.
  • y-Axis: The vertical number line of a coordinate plane. Used to show vertical distance.
  • y-Coordinate: The second number in an ordered pair, it designates the distance a point is along the vertical axis.


60–90 minutes

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