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Lewis Dot Structures and Ionic Bonds


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In this lesson, students will build on their knowledge of molecules, compounds, and bonding through an introduction to ionically bonded compounds. Students will draw Lewis dot structures for various compounds and show how ions are formed through the transfer of electrons. Students will:

  • draw Lewis dot structures for ionically bonded compounds.

  • explain the formation of ions as an atom transfers electrons to another atom.

  • differentiate between the formation of an ionic compound and a covalent molecule in terms of how the pairing occurs.

  • determine how many valence electrons are in a given atom using the periodic table.

  • differentiate between an ionic compound and covalent molecule in terms of what type of atoms form the bonds (metal–nonmetal for ionic).

Essential Questions

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  • Ionic Bond: A bond formed from the transfer of valence electrons from one atom to another.

  • Valence Electrons: Electrons on the outermost shell of an atom that participate in bonding.

  • Lewis Dot Structures: Diagrams that show electrons, bonding, and lone pairs of electrons.

  • Ions: Atoms that gain or lose electrons, forming a charge.

  • Cation: Ion with a positive charge.

  • Anion: Ion with a negative charge.

  • Valence Shell: The outer electron shell of any atom.


45 minutes/1 class period

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