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Classification of Animals


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In this lesson, students will identify and describe similarities and difference of living things and their processes. Students will:

  • identify and describe the functions of basic structures of animals.

  • classify living things based on their similarities.

  • know the five main animal groups.

  • identify warm- and cold-blooded animals.

  • describe basic needs of animals.

  • describe how animals go through life cycles.

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  • Animal Kingdom: A main classification of living organisms that includes all animals.

  • Classification: Arrangement according to a systematic division into classes or groups.

  • Warm-Blooded: Maintaining a relatively constant and warm body temperature independent of environmental temperature; homoeothermic.

  • Cold-Blooded: Maintaining body temperature by moving.

  • Life Cycle: The series of developmental changes in form undergone by a particular type of organism from its earliest stage to the recurrence of the same stage in the next generation.


60–90 minutes/1–2 class periods

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