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Real-World Applications of Parabolas


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In this unit, students explore real-world applications of parabolas. Students will:

·         develop a conceptual understanding of each extracted piece of information from a quadratic function.

·         visualize a given scenario and illustrate the function on paper, defining and explaining each attribute in the context of the problem.

·         create real-world scenarios best modeled by quadratic functions.

·         classify a real-world scenario according to its function and argue the reasoning for the use of such a model.

Essential Questions

·         How can a given function be represented? What connections can be made between the various representations?

·         Which function best models a given real-world scenario? What does the function look like in the real-world?

·         How can an equation, table, and graph be used to analyze the rate of change and other applicable information, related to a real-world problem and the representative function?


  1. Quadratic Function: A function in the form of y=ax2+c, or y=ax2+bx+c, where a ≠ 0.
  2. Parabola: The shape of a quadratic function. [IS.1 - Preparation]


90–120 minutes/1–2 class periods [IS.2 - All Students]

Prerequisite Skills


·         graph paper [IS.3 - All Students]

·         basketball (if desired)

·         Lesson 3 Exit Ticket (M-A2-7-3_Lesson 3 Exit Ticket.docx) [IS.4 - Struggling Learners]

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The possible inclusion of commercial websites below is not an implied endorsement of their products, which are not free, and are not required for this lesson plan.

·         http://www.mathwarehouse.com/geometry/parabola/real-world-application.php

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